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Bringing It Home

Biker Billy at Gettysburg
Biker Billy begins the show at the Crossroads Rally

Biker Billy begins the show at the Crossroads Rally

I started the “Biker Billy’s Irons in the Fire” Blog as a way to keep folks up to date on the many things I am involved in. It has resided here on so it could be easily discovered. As the years have flown by I have realized having this content outside of my main channels is less effective than I hoped. To improve the blogging experience and grow the communities we share around motorcycles, fiery foods and other topics of mutual interest I have added the blog to my website at I hope you will follow my adventures and musings at the new blog.


What e-book reader/s do you use?

So tell me what you use to read e-books.  I have been using an iPad 1.  This will help me make sure that the new book I am working on is available to you.  Besides voting in the poll, post a comment if you find that a certain feature makes e-books better for your enjoyment.



How the e-book landscape is becoming a walled garden

This is an interesting look at the new landscape of publishing. The book I am working on now will debut as an e-book. I think I will run a poll here to see what readers my reader use.


Just as a few massive chain stores eventually came to dominate the traditional printed book market in North America, the e-book marketplace is a kind of oligopoly involving a few major players — primarily Amazon(s amzn), Apple(s aapl) and Barnes & Noble(s bks). And while bookstore owners of all kinds are free to decide which books they wish to put on their shelves, these new giants have far more control over whose e-books see the light of day because they also own the major e-reading platforms, and they are making decisions based not on what they think consumers want to read but on their own competitive interests. That is turning the e-book landscape into even more of a walled garden.

Author and digital-marketing maven Seth Godin highlighted this issue in a recent blog post, in which he described how his new book was turned down by Apple because it…

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