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Here is another picture from the weekend

Here is another picture from the weekend ride. Check out that curve, the mountain view in the last picture was what you saw as you came down into the hairpin curve. Keep your eyes on the road, repeat that to yourself often as you ride these mountain roads!


I was able to get in a nice ride on the Buell this past Saturday


I was able to get in a nice ride on the Buell this past Saturday. Every time I ride that bike I fall in love with it all over again. It had been out of my stable for a few weeks as friend did some repair work on it. The rocker boxes had developed leaks, which meant the engine had to be essentially dropped out of the tubular frame. While it is not that big of a repair, it does take time, tools and skills. Getting a Buell serviced can be a challenge as many HD dealers won’t touch them, which is a shame. But I consider myself blessed to know a great mechanic (HD trained) who loves Buells and will work on them. So once I got her back I was itching for some quality saddle time. Then I got busier then a long tail cat in room full of rocking chairs.

The few hours I rode on Saturday was worth the wait. I ran one of my favorite local loops. It starts along the French Broad River and passes throughout the quaint town of Marshall, NC. Then heads up to Hot Springs, NC, from there I returned south over some sweet mountain roads that have a nice blend of twisty sections with a few long straightaways. The curvy parts rival the Dragon and then some as they have ear popping elevation changes. Curves are fun, add some up or down hill and Woo Hoo, that is riding. The whole dynamic changes when you are going steeply up or down, especially with hairpin turns. Here are two pictures from along the road, note the turn and the view. You don’t want to watch that view as you ride down through that curve.

Just a passing a thought on what a Buell is to me. It has the heart and soul of a Harley wrapped in the body of an exotic Italian sporting machine. They are are bikes these days, I think the fire will look back on them as the Vincent of our era. I am blessed to own one. Sure hope you had time to ride this past weekend and recharge yourself for the week ahead. Eat Hot and Ride Safe!