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Biker Billy at White Rose Thunder Tomorrow

I am very excited to be at White Rose Thunder tomorrow and Friday. I have seen a picture of the venue, and wow, it looks good, great space, food service, beverages, shade and I think they even may have WIFI. Then I get to reek havoc and cook-up some fiery foods. They said I might get a 14 ounce jar of cayenne pepper – whoa ATOMIC BOMB size pepper, They even special imported some of the fresh peppers. It will be a blast – so spread the word, and come have some fun with me at – White Rose Thunder –


Biker Billy appearing at White Rose Thunder

I am proud to share with ya’ll that Biker Billy will be appearing at White Rose Thunder in York, PA. Yes, right in the great Pennsylvania city where Harley-Davidsons are assembled. This is a new event at a great location, which has a special place in the hearts of bikers and the proud folks of PA who make The American Motorcycle! With two shows on both Friday and Saturday there will be lots of good food, hot peppers and fun to share. I hope to see you there. Here is a link to the event page or check it out on my site at