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Biker Billy at “Q and Chrome” at the Mohegan Sun
 at Pocono Downs

Out of the frying pan and on to the grill, the summer is off to a scorching start. Fresh from the Gettysburg Festival with a short interlude at home to cool and tune my jets and I am off again to wild and wonderful Pennsylvania. This time it is to the greater Wilkes-Barre area for a first annual event called “Q and Chrome”, but rest assured that the Mohegan Sun folks are not new to shows or “Q”. They have been doing a “Q” event at their original venue in Connecticut (hint to my CT friends – ask them to bring me up there next year.)

For those of you who are not fluent in southern slang “Q” stands for BBQ or barbeque. As old Willy Shakespeare said a pork butt by any other name is still smokin’, or something like that. Enough of Olde English, I will be there cooking some deviously delicious dishes filled with the fire that only Biker Billy can create, including a vegetarian “Q” for those of us who don’t do the meat thing.

Along with great foods to eat, cooking shows to enjoy, and music both live and DJ’ed, also there will be the chrome. There will be a potentially massive custom and classic car show and of course a bike show big enough to fill the Pocono Downs Race Track. They tell me even though it is a first year event they expect upwards of 6000 attendees. Seems they got over 35,000 for their first Oktoberfest. Did I mention multiple beer tents, and a whiskey and Tequila bar? So if you made it to the Oktoberfest, then come on over again as the weather is forecast to be great. Need I say drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive!

Fiery foods, fun, music and cool rides; everything a summer weekend should have so please ride on over and check it out. Till then Eat Hot & Ride Safe!


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