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Early Spring

In this the last week of calendar winter, the temps have been oh so spring-like.  Not surprising considering the truly mild winter we have had.  That mildness has been a blessing, at least to me, as I despise winter.  But moving beyond my personal opinion of winter and my admitted disaffection towards the coldest season of the year – can you imagine how much more fuel our nation would have needed this winter if it had been as cold and harsh as the past few winters have been?  Couple that with the current price of gas approaching four dollars a gallon after setting record highs during this winter, and you can easily imagine how much further fuel costs would have risen.

Of course I might just be rationalizing my ill disposition with old man winter.  Then there is the fact that weather is truly the most local thing, even more so than politics.  So your weather may have been different than mine but at least spring is about to be sprung from its frozen prison.  That means just one thing to the soul of a biker – it is riding season again.  So I took a little ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway and this time I remembered the camera (or three that is), so I made a little video for your enjoyment. Check out the link : PreSpring Ride Craven Gap to Bull Gap on the Blue Ridge Parkway


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